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Monday, April 23, 2012

Reports of SeaGulls Moving Inland/US & China.

Solar Update First, then his comments on SeaGulls.

Published on Apr 23, 2012 by 

Lots of gulls live inland nowadays where landfill and litter provide rich pickings. The black headed gull in particular is far more prevalent inland than on the coast.

When there is severe weather at sea many sea birds travel inland particularly cormorants, shags, and gulls!
  • 5 years ago

  • @TonMed they started chirping here at night last year. It's a regular thing now. Nature is so out of wack.
  • I heard a bird singing about 11 pm last night...I thought they nested at night...strange!
  • I live east of Tulsa about 30 miles and lately I've been hearing a sound like a commercial airliner taking off and i run outside and see nothing. Its pretty spooky and Tulsa international Airport is at least 30 miles N.W. of me i do not hear it during the day. And today in Tulsa i heard an Boom but nothing on the news or scanner. There are strange things going on here. Especially strange is the super big national guard base we got just up the street from me. This place is huge on 30 + acres with

thats strange... because like about two weeks ago... sea gulls were inland of so-cal los angeles county - San Fernando Valley ....they were up in the sky .... the odd thing was that they were wayyyyyyyy UPPPP! like way up in the sky soooo high up... that u can bearly see them,... hella wierd for me.
  • Here in So. Ca. Heard long neck honkers flying- a lot of them at 3 am.. They rarely are around here, nor do they typically fly at night.
    I know the seagulls that i see that come inland come in to find easy food and to maybe have their babies; but i have never seen a seagull nest around inland..
    • 5 years ago
  • Thankyou for your report  MrCometwatch" PS theres a light show as I write !!! wowwww
    Seen wayyy south aswell..
  • @ISOABlessing Yes, it's called Quake Alert, I have it, works great, unless we're having an active E.Q. Night, then it sounds like a pinball machine. Then ya cannot sleep!
  • Have seen seagulls last week in my area, Im approx 40 miles from the coast never see them here. They were headed inland west. Also I was just on the phone with a friend while outside and said the birds are chirping like crazy didnt seem normal also saw similar posts below. My cat already has fleas which this is early for them.
  • I have heard that seagulls can get blown inland by storms. That's how some arrived in Lake Tahoe many years ago.
  • Oh! I just read others comments about the birds chirping at night. I just started hearing them chirp at night a couple weeks ago! And I thought to myself, every night as I try to go to sleep around midnight or so how odd that was. Btw, I live in VA. It's every night now they chirp.
  • Thanks MrC. That's a very interesting development with the seagulls. I'm gonna research this myself to understand more about the possible causes. thanks again for sharing.
  • Lots oh small irregular heartbeats. Not typical. General uptick with earth issues. Not just dehydration or low vitamins and or minerals. Just interesting.

About Sea Gulls
About Sea Gulls. There are over 40 different types of birds that are commonly referred to as sea gulls. Many people do not even realize that there is more than ...

Gulls are, first and foremost, scavengers. The beach is a great places to scavenge, detritus washes up on shore, float on the surface... some gulls will even engage in active fishing if necessary. Their feet are adapted to swimming to match this coastal lifestyle.

However, being marine is very much a secondary strategy, and will go wherever there is food. And humans are messy and wasteful, an opportunist's dream. This is also why foxes, raccoons and others are frequently found in urban environments.

Seagulls are intelligent birds. Where we see trash, they see a banquet. We've left them a trail of breadcrumbs far inland.

NASA knows some things. 2012 Survival Guide

2012 - The Untold Story Click Here 

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    Humans are not primitive no more,otherwise we would understand their reason on movement


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