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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Roswell Rock Circle ( Revisited )

UFOlogy & Paranormal Field Investigation

Roswell Rock Circle ( Revisited )

Posted by zukowski on March 21st, 2011

2008 Press Release

Roswell “Rock Circle” Unveiled at the Roswell UFO Festival, July 6th, 2008 at the Pearson Auditorium, Roswell NM.
UFO Investigators Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer along with its owner Robert Ridge, unveiled a palm-sized rock artifact with a three dimensional Crop Circle design on its surface mirroring the crop circle which appeared in Liddington England on August 2nd, 1996.
The Roswell “Rock Circle” was found by Roswell native, Robert Ridge in September 2004 near the El Capitan Mountains outside the city of Roswell, New Mexico. Robert was bow-hunting at the time and came across the slightly sand covered artifact while tracking deer. Keeping this artifact to himself and his family since 2004, he introduced it to UFO investigators Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer at the Roswell UFO Festival last July 2007 to help him investigate its origin. Siblings, Chuck from Colorado and Debbie from Missouri, spent the next 12 months trying to “debunk” the artifact by searching for identical ones sold as merchandise as well as talking with “etching” companies about the design techniques. At this time they can’t locate any company which produces an identical object for resale and hope releasing this information will create new leads. Two prominent Archeologists working in New Mexico have already looked at the artifact and requested it be submitted for lab analysis.
When examining this artifact, it was noticed the Crop Circle design actually follows the contour of the rock surface. We also noticed the coloration of the petite or surface of the rock was the same in-between the design grooves. This indicated to us the design was not very recent. Also one very important note, this design is “similar” to Petroglyphs and Pictographs found in Arizona which is thought to represent a bright Super Nova which exploded on July 5th, 1054 AD.
Robert is a native of Roswell and an avid bow-hunter. While tracking deer back in September 2002, he spotted a strange rock embedded in the slope of a sand pit. Originally passing by it while tracking the deer, he only came back to look for it after he realized the deer he was tracking was a herd of goats.
This picture gives you an idea how small this artifact is. Only Robert’s keen eye site could have found this. Thank you Robert.
The back-side of the artifact has “three” very distinct holes in it. This little formation is identical to the Liddington Crop Circle formation which has three small circles next to it.
The area where the rock was found is many miles from the city of Roswell, New Mexico near the base of the El Capitan Mountain Range. The terrain is rough and wild with many oval sand pit areas void of vegetation. Evidence of a dried stream seems to have cut-through this location leaving an abundance of river rock. When investigating this site I actually found a meteorite.
The Roswell Rock Circle was embedded on the sloping edge of an oval sand pit. Slightly covered with sand, it seems as though recent rains had un-earthed it. Dirty and caked with soil, Robert used Silly Putty to clean the Earth debris from the design.
The rock has magnetic properties which will spin a compass and fluctuate an EMF meter. One side of the Crop Circle design is more positive than the other side of the design. This unique feature of the rock gives it positive and negative polarity.
Also very important, the back side of the artifact does not spin the compass needle. Only the front side does this.
When the rock sits on a smooth surface with the Crop Circle design facing up, a simple magnet placed just above the edge of the design will enable the rock to spin.
[link to]
The image on the artifact mirrors a Crop Circle design which occurred in Liddington England on August 2nd, 1996. Some say this Crop Circle formation was created during the day time. Infra-red images shot, produced red streaks showing agitation of Chlorophyll. Debbie and I had the honor interviewing Andrew Wheeler and Doe Kelly from Denver, Co. who actually walked through this Crop Circle formation. The Crop Circle measured high EMF fields and caused extreme mood swings between the couple when they were inside it. Doe stated “Out of all the Crop Circle formations I’ve been in, this was the most memorable”.
Since our 2008 press release some have suggested the rock is merely a simple Loadstone (Magnetite) which has been etched. We’ve found this artifact and natural “Loadstones” are quite different.
Some have suggested this artifact is merely a souvenir purchased at the Roswell festival then discarded in an area where Robert found it. After our 2008 press release and my interview on Coast to Coast, I had a couple of individuals contact me.
The first individual was a man who posted on the Coast to Coast website that he could replicate the rock. After talking with him I asked him to create one for me.
I promptly sent him $100.00 (his fee) and he sent me back two versions. The first (not so good) but his second try was much better. Putting his replica next to Robert’s rock showed a tremendous difference not only in precise etching design but also in magnetic properties. Robert’s rock could not be fully replicated exactly.
The second individual was a woman who claimed she purchased the rock at a previous festival for $5.00 dollars, then as a joke threw it from a nearby dirt road to the area where Robert found it.
There were some problems with her claim.
1. My sister Debbie and I researched vendors of previous Roswell festivals and found none which sold rocks etched like Robert’s.
2. It cost me  $100.00 dollars to have a replica made, not $5.00. The amount of labor entailed into creating the replica would never generate a profit from a $5.00 item.
3. The closest dirt road near the spot Robert found the rock, would have needed a pro baseball pitcher’s arm to generate that distance. This would not have been an easy task.
4. The only reason the second individual knew the location the rock was found, was because a well known research/investigator jumped our investigation for her own personal gain. Then not realizing we were still investigating the location, said individual with all her expertise and wisdom, posted a map of the location on her website! All she had to do was ask, and we would have filled her in on our investigation.
Well the second individual was a prior Roswell resident and recognized the location on the map and contacted me about her story. (Well at least she knew the right investigator to call.) Because the location the rock was found was leaked (on said website), there was no way we could verify this story. After seeing the location map on the website, anybody could have said they put it there.
At this time Robert is in possession of the artifact and we’re still furthering investigation on it. To date no vendor has come forward to claim they sold rocks like Robert’s at the festival, with a three dimensional image of a crop circle protruding out of the rock, and very unusual magnetic properties, oh and for five dollars too!

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Re: Strange Roswell Rock Shares Same 'Message' As Crop Circle
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Very interesting, but does it depict two dimensions coming together at zero point? It's a mirror image,isn't it? Where does the super nova come into it? For conditions to bring about a super nova, there must be an enormous amount of mass. Our sun doesn't have enough mass to go nova, but if something was behind it?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 379028

Not a mirror image ... it is symmetricaly opposite

Re: Strange Roswell Rock Shares Same 'Message' As Crop CircleQuote [+#

It is a warning of a supernova.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 463378

one wonders.

Roswell Rock Circle ( Revisited ) « UFOlogy & Paranormal Field Investigation – UFO – Unconventional Flying Objects Nonhuman Unidentifiable Technologies

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