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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ALERT-High Radiation over the Top-Illinois


From Before it's News: Last Update on 18 Nov 12:51 pm EST
This is an urgent news release. A major Radcon 5 alert has been released for St. Charles, Illinois. The readings are off the charts below is the description and images. 

Screenshot (5)1
The wind is heading for New York and surrounding states. Sorry for the crappy picture… I don’t have photo software. This is from NOAA:
  • Humidity29%
  • Wind SpeedW 13 G 28 mph
  • Barometer29.88 in (1011.0 mb)
  • Dewpoint3°F (-16°C)
  • Visibility10.00 mi
  • Wind Chill22°F (-6°C)
Last Update on 18 Nov 12:51 pm EST


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