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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nibiru,COMET ISON Here-Cover Up

Red Kachina, Planet X, Nibiru?

Alexandra Bruce
December 29, 2013

There is an endless amount of chatter about a cover-up, regarding large objects in our Solar System, that are predicted by some to soon wreak a series of Mass Extinction Events. 

This will begin with the massive and "chunky-style" debris field of Comet Ison, through which Planet Earth will pass, beginning 
January 12-19th.

I can only vouch for the statements made in the second paragraph, above. I cannot vouch for what this Coast to Coast interviewee is speaking to (because unlike him, I do not have a hotline to the ETs from Zeta Reticula), so make of his comments what you will.

I certainly don't want to believe a word he's saying - but this meme all over the 'net, so whatever it is, something's up.

What that 'something' is remains a mystery to me, at least. ~
Alexandra Bruce

- See more at:

Nibiru, COMET ISON is Here - Government Cover Up

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Forbidden Knowledge


beautiful photography,three suns are already been seen by some
Beautiful images no doubt! weird music, I'm not sure why? Nibiru or wormwood, still not convinced
Please look at a few more of my posts, Nibiru Wormwood, The Pattern of God Part 1- And Thanks for looking in- I have many with current images and video that shows something in our Southeastern Skies early Mornings and late sunsets early evenings- You might look a few videos and if you can find some clear Skies Southeast, look for a different light source and colors of a reddish tint- Thanks for the comment- gwt
Read more
Very beautiful thank you for sharing.
I appreciate you liking it and making a mention- wes

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1 comment:

  1. .
    Couple minor issues here.

    1) Tinfoil hats should NEVER be fastened to your head using vacuum cleaner belts or those giant alligator clips taken from jumper cables ESPECIALLY when used in combination with model airplane glue ! This practice has been shown to lead to migraine headaches, delusions, uncontrollable slobbering and even direct contact with the Zeta Reticulans.

    2) The use of certain terms like " massive " to describe interstellar debris has long been accepted but terms like " chunky-style " just don't sit well with me. " Chunky-style " is a term best suited to things like canned soup or dog food, maybe even something resulting from a major plumbing failure in a Chinese restaurant but certainly NOT space debris !

    Other than THAT Mrs. Lincoln, how would you rate the show ?


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