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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Obama may cancel visit to Israel ...

...if Netanyahu can't form government by March 16.

Beware the Ides of March!
There is just something about this time, this year, these people.. these times..
joelcrosenberg posted: ""President Barack Obama will cancel his planned visit to Israeli next month if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unable to form a coalition by March 16," reports Haaretz. "After the Israeli elections on January 22, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was"

New post on Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Obama may cancel visit to Israel if Netanyahu can't form government by March 16.

by joelcrosenberg
"President Barack Obama will cancel his planned visit to Israeli next month if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unable to form a coalition by March 16," reports Haaretz. "After the Israeli elections on January 22, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was tasked with forming Israel's new governing coalition....

Obama's visit was expected to take place after the new Israeli government was formed, with the assumption that this would happen by mid-March. A likely date for the visit was set at March 21, although according to a senior Israeli official, the visit would may be postponed until after Passover if the coalition-building process is delayed."
Meanwhile, "having used up his allotted four-week period to form a coalition, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turned to President Shimon Peres Saturday evening and obtained a 14-day extension that he hopes will yet enable him to form a majority government," reported the Times of Israel. "Peres granted the prime minister an extra two weeks, allowing him through March 16 to assemble a coalition. No further extension is legally permitted."
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Benjamin Fulford, February 26, 2013
High level geopolitical horse trading going on around right now appears to be headed towards historical changes in how the world is managed will become visible in March. Big diplomatic moves have been seen with Japan, Russia, Europe, South America, Africa and the US during the past week, although with few public announcements. These talks are in preparation for big moves expected after a new Pope and a new Chinese government, formally take the reins of power in March.

As the horse trading continues, the following potential geopolitical chess moves have been hinted at by the various factions: the Pentagon would seize Nigeria’s oil fields, North Korea would attack Beijing and Shanghai with nukes, China would start a war with India, Japan would team up with Russia, the US and India to tame China, South America would link itself to Africa etc. etc.

God Like ProductionsObama has been compared to Pharaoh, but an Obama 
Caesar article come out last May which was found ironic after researching some
odd parallels between Obama and Caesar concerning numbers and dates...

Obama Caesar
[link to

Caesar was murdered on the Ides of March in 44BC
Augustus succeeded Caesar...
Obama is the 44th President

If Obama is re-elected this year,(2012)
he will be in office when his birth date of August 4th, 2014, falls on Av 9th.
[link to

Oddly enough the month of August is named after Augustus who succeeded 

What is Av 9th? 
The day of destruction of the Israel Temple, twice on same date, Av 9th.
[link to
[link to
Perhaps a bad omen for Israel? 

If re-elected, Obama will be "55" at the end of his term when we elect our next president in 2016..
55 is the exact age of Caesar at the end of his term as well.
[link to

Odd connections!

  • Benjamin Fulford - YouTube
    Benjamin Fulford
  • Who is Benjamin Fulford? Can he really save the world?
    In case you haven't heard of Benjamin Fulford he is a very controversial and outspoken journalist, author and former writer for Forbes magazine.

  • 1 comment:

    1. Mr. Fulford just doesn't have a lot to offer me. Noting the condition of his jaw evidently someone much closer to him used the opportunity to demonstrate the same opinion, albeit rather forcefully. His views are extremely offensive, biased and SO far out of bounds that one is led immediately to question his sanity. The "Ides of March " theory has potential but NOT with HIM carrying the flag . . .


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