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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Volcanic Activity California and Nevada

7/29/2011 -- Six plumes erupt over 12 hours -- California and Nevada -- ALL VOLCANO SITES


Uploaded by  on Jul 29, 2011
download google earth at the link below so you can view these volcanic spots for yourself.. :

cut and paste the coordinates below and compare to NEXRAD RADAR (so you can verify i was correct in my placemarks):

Heres the NEXRAD RADAR link.. make sure to select the stations in South Central California, and in Nevada.

Pisgah craters volcanic plume -- 34°37'9.80"N , 116°17'31.81"W

black hills volcanic plume -- 35°25'40.25"N , 117°12'49.15"W

mono lake volcanic plume -- 37°43'18.08"N , 118°53'6.09"W

California / Nevada border volcanic plume -- 35°29'51.35"N , 115°34'29.36"W

Slate Mountains Nevada VERY LARGE volcanic plume -- 39° 9'48.73"N , 118°12'51.74"W

East Nevada volcanic Plume -- 38°10'12.03"N , 115°16'0.18"W




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    I found this video posted on July 29th from Baja. Hope it helps.

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